Monya Grana - Grace mask Hybla Cerise

A lady bag charm and elegance surprising, inspired at the Princess Grace Kelly, classy woman, from the ethereal beauty, called the "Swan of Monaco ". Bag Made entirely of pearly skin effect, that gives shine, royalty and charm of this sophisticated accessory . The rounded features, enhance the grace of the model. Within, spaces divided so useful and practical. Imprinted on the skin in the middle, The Mask "Hybla" that symbol of outer beauty, but also a symbol of beauty of soul that lives beyond the time.

Grace mask Hybla Cerise

€ 150,00

Measures: 30x22x10 cm.

Made entirely of calfskin with metal effect central mask in relief on the front.

- Cotton lining;
- Metal parts silver;
- Envelope of internal separator zippered compartment;
- Feet on the bottom.